Job Fair Employer Feedback

Khurram Khan, Firhaj Footwear Pvt. Ltd. (Hush Puppies)

I congratulate the whole UMT team on successfully organizing the event. We welcome the students of UMT for their learning projects in Firhaj Footwear (Pvt) Ltd.

Husnain Khan, Confiz Limited

The job fair was very good, good facilities and nice participation by the industry.

Usman Aziz, MDS Foods (Hardee’s)

Pleasure was all ours to be the part and sponsors of UMT Job Fair, We hope your guests definitely found our meals as the best one in the Town, your arrangements was remarkable and we found a very friendly, warm welcoming and thorough professional environment there. Your Mega Job fair was really a very fruitful activity for the participants which helps them to find valuable resources for their organizations.

Shehlale Javed, HBL

It was a pleasure for HBL to be part of UMT job fair.  We look forward to mutually beneficial partnership in future.

M. Azeem Zahid, US Denim Mills Pvt. Ltd.

We enormously grateful to UMT Management for providing great plate farm which collect multi- dimension Skilled Personnel and offer bundle of thanks Miss Romisa Kanwal  who did not leave any stone unturned in orchestrating this scintillating  job fair. At the End we are condignly offer thanks to all stack holder  for making it happens.