Job Seeker Success Stories

Sana Sarwar

During internship every person around me brings some kind of motivation in myself. They gave me a thought of building a better future. I want to say thanks for converting my mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strengths. They really know how to bring out the best in me. Special thanks to Mr. Farzoq Ahmed Chaudhary, Romisa Kanwal and Muhammad Bilal Ashraf.

Sana Sarwar
Accounts Executive
Fortress Square Services (Pvt) Ltd

Umair Zubair

On the orientation day of UMT. I was inspired by two words "Learn and Lead" which was delivered by Dr A R Kausar in his welcome speech. So I predict my future and try to create it with blessing of Allah.OCS: Office of career service was my first step to success. In order to create my predicted future.

Umair Zubair 
Software Engineer (Innovation Group) 

Sohaib Rumi

I have gain professional experience from OCS UMT and enhance my confidance level with professionals.I have learn a lot of new things and capable of face different challenges.Ocs is a great diversified and friendly platform where every student canl earn a lot things,personality groomin, communication,confidance level etc.


Faryal Hayat

I wanted a chance to participate in an internship program by Total Parco that was geared to my major.I applied for it through Office of Career Services at UMT. Faryal Hayat Intern Total Parco

ZileHuma Nisar

OCS, doing excellent job in making their student's bright future :)


I am very pleased to accept the position of Trainee Engineer (Research & Development) at Sapphire Group , Thanks all the managers and Administrations of OCS for such great opportunity for me.I am very encourage to have Office of Career Service, who help us with such insights. School of Textile and Design of UMT has made me proud in the field of textile and design due to possessing in-depth professional knowledge when I go to field for employment. My degree were still took one month more to be completed and I was bering offered jobs.