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LinkedIn Your Resume Today

Friday, April 07, 2017


Think of LinkedIn as your resume that never sleeps. But a lot more, it’s your Professional Brand in the World. It’s the result you actually want at the top when someone Googles you.

Meet Namra at OCS to help you
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LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with over 460 million members worldwide and more than 2 million in Pakistan. If you are not already on LinkedIn, now is the time to join! Office of Career Services (OCS) is here to help you write your professional LinkedIn Profile to create and maintain an exceptional professional presence on LinkedIn that will stand out from the crowd.Creating a LinkedIn Profile will help you achieve following career objectives to reach your Dream Career.

  • Brand/position yourself in the job market
  • Network with people in your industry
  • Increase your chances of being headhunted by recruiters
  • Uncover job opportunities, contract/freelance work and word of mouth referrals
  • Get 'inside' career information, company information and latest industry news
  • Connect with recruiters, hiring managers and HR Managers
  • Increase your visibility on the internet
  • Exchange knowledge and ideas with people in your industry
  • Access a database of advertised jobs
  • Stay in touch with contacts and potential employers

LinkedIn Profile Writing Coaching by OCS

OCS invites you for face to face consultation to provide coaching and advice on creating your Complete LinkedIn Profile. Your LinkedIn Profile Development Session will start by interviewing you about your career goals, academic history, work history (if any) and achievements following a brainstorming session to research your competitors and develop a professional LinkedIn Profile tailored for your industry.

During your session, you will

  • Discover how to develop a keyword optimized profile that will get employers' attention
  • Get help creating your personal online brand to set you apart from your competitors
  • Find out how to increase your rankings and get head-hunted by more recruiters
  • Learn how to build your network and uncover more job opportunities
  • Get tips and advice on how to use LinkedIn to access the hidden job market

Create your LinkedIn profile and it will be an investment for your future you’ll be glad about!

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